Product Information:

On picture : ASLAK with a Soft Spring mattress, frame & mattress covered by a 525 Mixed Dance Light Blue cover.

Clic-Clac base made out of iron very easy to open and close by the front.

Fonctions: Bed with 4 step head elevation & sofa with 2 back positions.

Size: 140x200

Mattresses: Soft Spring or our Futons coco, latex, double-latex or comfort-plus + cover, not included in the price.

Legs: Lacquered oak

Origin: Denmark

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Texture Description Price stock Buy
FRAME + FUTON COMFORT-PLUS, Roh CHF 1209.00 abt. 6 weeks Cart
FRAME + FUTON COCO, Roh CHF 1509.00 abt. 6 weeks Cart
FRAME + FUTON LATEX, Roh CHF 1609.00 abt. 6 weeks Cart
FRAME + FUTON DOUBLE-LATEX, Roh CHF 1809.00 abt. 6 weeks Cart
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